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Environ is a South African professional skincare brand that uses highly active vitamins, peptides and anti-oxidants to deliver real results. These effective treatments and homecare products treat every skin concern; acne, rosacea, sensitivity, pigmentation and scarring. Softening fine lines and wrinkles whilst significantly reducing frown lines.

The founder of Environ, Dr Des Fernandes, was a pioneer in the use of Vitamin A in high enough doses to counteract the harmful effects of the environment, pollution, stress and lifestyle choices. Through extensive research he discovered the essential role Vitamin A plays in skin health. Skin has a life and Vitamin A is the “Oxygen” skin needs to look beautiful and healthy for life. Vitamin A must be replaced daily for skin to appear healthier. Repairing the skin to be reborn from a weakened or damaged state into a healthier, more beautiful one.

Environ Skincare – What you need to know.

We believe everyone deserves healthy, glowing and radiant skin. Skin you will feel confident in. Our aim is to prevent skin cancer and make skin beautiful.

Here at the Studio we work with Environ an active skincare brand loved by many all over the globe. Developed by the founder Dr Des Fernandes. He is a respected skin scientist and is well known for being one of the top surgeons in the world. Dr Fernandes is the pioneer behind the use of topical vitamin A for skin health. His passion for understanding the science of skin, has created what we believe to be the best skincare brand in the world. You can find out more about him by googling him and watching him on You Tube. His work has predominantly been to prevent skin cancer.

We are all unique so what works for one, may not work for another. When we introduce topically applied vitamin A we begin with low levels and slowly progress to higher levels, this takes time. Environ skincare is about creating healthy skin for a lifetime. Environ follows science not trends and is not a quick fix. To create healthy, resilient and beautiful skin takes time. Consistent homecare will give you incredible results over time. Professional salon treatments will accelerate your results. Glowing skin is always in!

Whatever your skin concern may be, Environ have a product to help. It is important to understand that Environ is a professional pharmaceutical grade product, which requires guidance. This is why it cannot be purchased easily online or over the counter.  Environ penetrates the skin much deeper than an over the counter cosmetic product. It will actively make a change to the skin, making it look healthier over time.

Once you begin applying topical vitamin A daily you need to continue to apply it twice a day every day. Skin cannot store the topical vitamin A, therefore when you progress up the levels, you must consistently apply the product twice a day without any gaps. If you stop using the vitamin A product for longer than a fortnight you will need to go back down to level 1 and start all over again to prevent a retinoid reaction. This is why it is crucial for your skin health journey that you make a note in your diary to purchase your next bottle of vitamin A moisturizer in about 8-10 weeks. By doing this you will have it ready before the one you are using runs out.

We also recommend you introduce the higher level at night for approximately one week, while you finish off the lower level product in the mornings.

Each vitamin A moisturiser is designed to last for approximately 10 – 12 weeks from opening, this is to ensure you get the most active ingredients from your product. Plus it is just the right dosage for you to use before progressing to the next level. If it is lasting for longer than 12 weeks you are not applying enough product daily.

Communication and consistency is essential in achieving skin results. We need you to keep in touch with us, let us know how your skin is responding to the products and get in touch to order the next bottle. You can purchase all the products from our website 24/7 or get in touch to order.

Here at the Studio we do not believe in the “hard sell”. We are here to pass on our knowledge and support you on your skin journey. We will not keep asking you if you need more products, we encourage you to contact us rather than us contacting you. We also encourage you to book a complimentary Skin Consultation with us at least every 6 months. We are ever evolving, you should adapt your skincare to mirror the changes with the climate and your lifestyle. The consultation can be done in person or via FaceTime. We recommend this time so that we can check you are using your products correctly and to make sure you are using the correct products for your skin at that time of year.

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons. When using a cosmeceutical product these are the important facts you need to know:

As you progress up the levels of topical applied vitamin A (from level 2) your skin cells will become more compacted on the surface. This gives you better protection from UV light, helping to prevent skin cancer and pigmentation marks. It also helps to retain the moisture levels within your skin, making it thicker and plumper. The downside is that your cells are so compacted that you must not have waxing over the area that you have been using the product as it will result in a very sore skin tear.. You can shave, tweeze or thread the hairs. Hot Wax/Sugaring can be tolerated with some skins, but not all. Proceed with caution. If you have a treatment at a different salon, please make your therapist aware that you are using topical vitamin A. We offer complimentary facial tweezing and sugaring with all our facial treatments.

As soon as you begin using topical vitamin A, we recommend you do not use granular exfoliation on the skin. Granular exfoliation scratches and removes the surface layer of you skin. Using topical vitamin A creates a healthier and thicker top layer to your skin giving you better protection from the environment. We do not want you to remove this layer. Removing this layer leaves the skin more exposed to pollution, bacteria and UV light, plus it will cause loss of hydration in the skin. Vitamin A stimulates cell turnover, you should not feel the need to exfoliate, your skin will feel begin to feel healthier and smoother. We encourage smoothing of the top layer with skin friendly acids in the Environ Toners and Masques.

When you progress to level 2 or higher, we encourage you to introduce an Environ home needling device. Dr Fernandes is the pioneer behind home needling. Because we are making the surface layer of the skin cells more compacted, the downside is that it then makes it difficult for the ingredients to penetrate the skin. Home needling is using a device that you roll over your skin with needles 0.01 or 0.02mm long. As you gently roll over your skin with light pressure, it will puncture tiny holes all over the surface layers, then when you apply your products the ingredients can penetrate. Home needling is incredible at making changes to the skin as it helps the active ingredients to penetrate to the deeper layers. Home needling is not recommended for acne, sensitive or rosacea skin types. Home needling is only recommended for use alongside higher levels of topical vitamin A. Do not use with over the counter skincare cosmetics.

The IIAA (our UK distributor of Environ Skincare) are passionate and work hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Please return 10 Environ empty containers to receive a free £5.00 voucher off your next treatment, or we will donate the money to charity on your behalf.

Environ is made of active ingredients that are sealed into the container in a laboratory. Please do not decant the products into other containers as this will compromise the active ingredients.

We are always here to answer any questions you may have. Our website is full of information, our Skin Guides section lists the products we recommend for each skin type. 

Enjoy your newly reborn and beautiful skin, we know you will love it!
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